P i k a l a b o

PIKALABO is a compay for connecting
“Art & Design & Scheme”
consists of three members.

ceo  / Taku Sato / 佐藤拓

Born in Tokyo, spent childhood in United States.
Graduated from Tama Art University.
Work at Dentsu Inc.'s Creative Department until 2021.
Mainly works as Creative Director and
Art Director and Creative Strategist.

Owner of SUNPIKA, a small art hotel.
︎ www.sunpika.com

︎ pikalabo.taku@gmail.com
Good Design Award、JAA Award Grand prize、朝日広告賞、毎日広告デザイン賞、日経トレンディー賞、ACC賞、New York Festival、Cannes Young Lions 日本代表、他